Here's what they say about Jenni Johnson...

“We’re back – back, back, back,” vocalist Jenni Johnson told the crowd at Leunig’s Bistro as she and her band the Jazz Junketeers returned from a set break. “We’re back” could also refer to Johnson’s long-standing place as the restaurant’s de facto house musician during the jazz festival. The tables were filled with diners, and dozens of listeners lined Church Street a few feet away as Johnson and her group dug into the swinging, bluesy sound of the Ruth Brown classic “(Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean.” Johnson and her band, and the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival for that matter, were back indeed.
           Written by: Brent Hallenback, Burlington Free Press, June 1, 2013….. 10:10 p.m.


The lake inside the breakwater glints reticulate like silver mail,
calmer than it should be, merely skittled by the breeze,
yet still liquid - this is mid winter after all,
when most years there'd be shacks out on the ice,
a race course plowed for the four wheelers, and
a tracery of snowmobile tracks headed west toward New York.

There is a gap in the clouds out over the Adirondacks,
just above the horizon, the late winter sunlight
spectral, pale yellow, and then,
as it approaches the dark jaw of the mountains,
glowing  like soft, unbeaten iron behind a rumpled
low hung roll of stratus, while behind and above,
cotton candy cirrus skim east toward the Gaspe'.

Inside the boathouse, Big Joe and Jennie
sing jazz  standards, and we listen as
they sky drops its pretense of day,
becomes the color of old linen ironed slick,
and below that, dry, faded rose.
High sbove, the cirrus is now a smoky gray smudge
coasting across the panoply of brightening stars.
The water in the harbor, sun strewn breeze now slack,
shimmers dully with the look of hand knocked pewter or tin.
Across the way, ten miles distant, the lights
of Willsboro begin to futter in the  gathering dark."

            Shepherd Osgden 2-16-02

 "Thanks to you and your band for the great performance last Saturday at the Hartness House here in Springfield.  People are still talking about it, and say they want more!  We hope to have you back again in the future."
SECOTA Volunteer (Southeast Council On The Arts)

Poem written by Kirk Thomas while listening to Jenni and the Junketeers perform at The Waiting Room on Valentine's Day, 2002.  Musicians were Bob Gagnon on guitar, Justin Rose on stand up bass, and Jenni on vocals.
"A Valentine to Jenni and the Junketeers
The big bass built a sturdy rhythmic ladder of complex scales.
The tiny feet of the lead guitar climbed up and cascaded down,
Like brookwater over gravel,
As smooth and soft as a long afternoon in July,
And her silky velvet keen of a voice wove in and out
Of the rungs of this ladder construct up and down,
Over and through the rungs.
"Wow", we all said."
- Kirk Thomas
  Underhill, VT

"Burlington's popular powerhouse vocalist...guaranteed to blow your winter blues away."
- Jimmy Swift
  Director of First Night Burlington, VT

"You wouldn't expect to find a jazz vocalist of this caliber in a city the size of Burlington."
- J. Ned Shamon
  New England Skier

"A great attraction.  The crowd never wants her to stop."

- James Hagan
  Jake's Original Bar and Grill

"Exceptionally fine music, a delight to work with right from the start."
- Renee and Vinnie Montagne (wedding reception)

"Jenni Johnson has a reputation of captivating audiences with her beautiful jazz style."
- Laura Cole, Burlington City Arts
(Battery Park Summer Concert Series)

"(Jenni's group added a wonderful dimension to our opening event."
- Grace Lance
  Art's Alive

"We would have her back at the round barn in a minute.  Great show.  Wonderful rapport with the audience."
  - Jack Garvin, Program Director
    Green Mountian Cultural Center

"Jenni Johnson is the heart and soul of (Burlington) art and culture."
- Peter Clavelle, Mayor of Burlington, VT

"(Jenni's) work with the children was wonderful...(she) engaged them quickly and channeled their energy!  (Her) performance was wonderful!"
- Ellen Bosworth, Music Teacher
  Richmond School System
updated 6/27/02